Apply Now for a bachelors in Telecommunication and get the chance to obtain an accommodation scholarship worth 250 000 FCFA with ISCTIC MEYO.

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Institut Supérieur Des Technologies de information ET de la Communication (ISTIC) is at the frontier of academic and intellectual discovery, focused on creating a vibrant community of belonging that pursues diversity, builds inclusions, and creates more equitable opportunities for learning.
Located in the Southern part of the National territory, ISTIC, for 08 years, has accumulated a savoir-être, a savoir-faire, values and a proven pedagogy that is easily transmitted to learners with a particular focused on the field of Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
ISTIC was created to offer the job market well-equipped technical managers, highly competitive and able to respond to the current technological problems faced by Companies in this global competitive environment.

Campus ISTIC MEYO Yaoundé Go2Skul

Register Now and get the chance to obtain an accommodation scholarship worth 250 000 FCFA for the 2021/2022 academic year in level 1, bachelor in telecommunication.

ISTIC aims to become an essential technology hub in Central Africa and Cameroon in particular, which accelerates the transition from knowledge to applications. They offer the best training in technology and Engineering with a particular attention to create the next generation of Tech and Engineers entrepreneurs. ISTIC MEYO has invested massively on new generation software with an update 4G laboratory.

Campus ISTIC MEYO Yaoundé Go2Skul training

ISTIC works to reduce digital illiteracy, to perfect every learner and to direct his skills towards adapting to the contemporary world with programs they offer.

With ISTIC, increase your skills, capitalize your knowledge by obtaining a qualification recognized by the State.

Registration for the 2021/2022 academic year is now open with ISTIC MEYOMESSALA

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Efoulan Yetchang, Meyomessala, Region du Sud

Yaounde Link Office : Bastos, Street 1815, entrance opposite RCA Embassy

Phone: (237) 691 91 84 72 – 242 73 33 10/13 – 243 56 39 65 – 651 46 75 70



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