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Hospitality and Tourism is a program designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to assume leadership roles and to be successful citizens of character in the global hospitality and Tourism industry and the community at large. You will be introduced to the various business aspects of Hospitality and Tourism, including Organization & Management, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources & Training, Operations & Technology, Economics, and Finance & Accounting. You will also explore the international world of tourism, and learn about the role and importance of sustainability in culture, heritage, nature, and the environment.


  • BachelorsTHREE to FOUR YEARS (3 / 4 years)
  • MasterONE to TWO YEARS (1 / 2 years)

Eligibility requirements

  • English Language Proficiency or equivalent
  • Latest Certificate either at High School level or Equivalent
  • Undergraduate degree or Equivalent for Master program

Why Choose Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • The tourism industry employs a lot of people; For years, Hospitality and tourism has been a big job generator. Because the industry is so varied and includes jobs like Chef, hotel workers, travel guides, and more, it can be hard to estimate exactly how many, but it’s a lot.
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management pays well, while salary varies depending on where you live, the tourism industry offers many opportunities for good-paying jobs. 40% who start in travel and tourism reach an annual career salary of over $100,000. Certain jobs, like luxury travel advisors, hotel managers, and cruise ship directors tend to pay the most.
  • Tourism impacts GDP growth (Considering how many people tourism employs, it makes sense it would affect a country’s GDP.)
  • Tourism supports low-income countries. Many of the world’s lowest-income countries depend on tourism. In 2015, 48 of the lower-income and lower-middle income countries saw a surge of tourists, which brought in about $21 billion (USD).
  • Hospitality and Tourism preserves culture; One is through the support of artisans who sell their wares to visitors. Markets and shops are a draw to many tourists interested in souvenirs for people back home or as a way to remember their trip.

Employment areas and Job types


Degree holders can opt for further higher studies and careers in various specialisations such as taxation, accounting and finance, banking, insurance and many more

  • Tourism Officer
  • Retail Manger
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing executive
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Chef
  • Conference Centre manager
  • Event Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Restaurant Manager