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You’ve made it through the examination process alive! At this point you’ve likely committed to a school and began to envision yourself there. In a few short months, you’ll be aspiring for higher studies in a University. But what lies between now and move-in day? Before you book your bus, train, or plane, factor one more possibility into your plans: A pre-university orientation program. Go2skul offers a Virtual University Fair for students and youths.

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What is pre-university orientation or Virtual University Fair?

The purpose of the orientation is to ensure that students are well prepared both technically and practically to take the next move in planning for their future. It is an opportunity to learn the regulations, and possibilities that come with starting college. Likely, all things administrative, rules-related or pertaining to student-life and safety will be explained during the Virtual University Fair.


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What happens during pre-orientation?

Different schools provide a wide range of university opportunities at home and abroad, its objectives, the requirements, the student’s life and the activities within the University.

Ok, I know what it is now- why should I do it?

Pre-orientations are valuable for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, they allow you to ease into the transition from living at home to living on your own, with different people. It’s a chance for students to learn about schools and get questions answered on scholarship programs, university options, course enrollment, and financial aids. Pre-orientation will provide you with a period of low stress. Pre-university orientation is a great time to become familiar with your campus as well as introduce you to resources that you may not have otherwise known about. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to chat with admission representatives and understand the admission process.


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How do I get into one?

Register today for FREE and talk with University Representatives using the link below

You will receive an email with instructions to join the event afterwards.

And plan ahead for your future.

The virtual Education Fair 2023 starts on Monday, 6th February to Friday 10th  Febraury. For more information, Contact us via;

WhatsApp: + (237) 6 50 59 28 74 or Email: 

Join our Whatsapp group for updates with regards to studies abroad ;

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