Canada remains one of the most desired destination in the world not just for students but also for tourists. The country dispose of everything to keep a student craving for knowledge and a tourist never to leave. For a student, here are some few reasons why Canada is an outstanding destination for you:

  • Education is relatively cheap and of top notch. The general assumption is that education is very expensive but when compared to the United Kingdom and United State of America, it becomes relative cheap.  It is also worth noting that Canada is ranked as the third best country in the world for quality education and provides a variety of scholarships for foreign students as well as nationalists.


  • You can work while schooling, while schooling in Canada, it is very common to find post-secondary school students working while taking on studies


  • The country is huge and the second largest country in the world after Russia. Despite the largest, the population density is about 4 person per kilometer square. Can you imagine this?

  • Healthcare, another renown thing about Canada is the health system. The country runs one of the excellence systems in the world publicly-funded and mostly free at the point of use with most services provided by private entities

  • Canada is such a beautiful country with very natural and artificial sites for strangers. If you visit the country, take time to enjoy some of the exciting organic views that are available.

  • Finally, Canada and Cameroon are the only two countries in the world with English and French as the official language. About 67% of Canadians speak English and 21% speak French at home